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Introduction by Vernon Sproxton to ‘Mister God this is Anna’ by Fynn (1974)

"There are good books, indifferent books, and bad books. Amongst the good books some are honest, inspiring, moving, prophetic and improving. But in my language there is another category: there are Ah! Books. This is one of them. Ah! Books are those which induce a fundamental change in the reader’s consciousness. They widen his sensibility in such a way that he is able to look upon familiar things as though he is seeing and understanding them for the first time. Ah! Books are galvanic. They touch the nerve-centre of the whole being so that the reader receives an almost palpable physical shock. A tremor of excited perception ripples through the person.

Ah! Books don’t come all that often, at least not my way. Andre Malraux’s The Psychology of Art was one fo them. It was published just after the war. It was too expensive to buy, but I located a copy of this luminous book in the Manchester Art Gallery; and I had to make several journeys by motor-cycle, often through sleet and snow, until I had finished it. From time to time I wanted to get up on the table and proclaim its truth to all around me, or slap my desk-neighbour over the back and say, ‘There you are; just get a hold of that!’ Once I nearly did but, just in time, I noticed that he was reading a text on the structure of plastics. By now, of course, I know that some people can get as much aesthetic pleasure out of contemplating the formula for a long molecule as others do from beholding a mural by Piero della Drancesca. Technologists have their Ah! Moments, too!

Ah! Books give you sentences which you can roll around in the mind, throw in the air, catch, tease out, analyse. But in whatever way you handle them, they widen your vision. For they are essential Idea-creating, in the sense that Coleridge meant when he described the Idea as containing future thought – as opposed to the Epigram which encapsulates past thought. Ah! Books give the impression that you are opening a new account, not closing an old one down.

So for me, at any rate, this is an Ah! Book, and has been since the manuscript first came my way; from the very first sentence too. ‘The diffrense from a person and an angel is easy. Most of an angel is in the inside and most of a person is on the outside.’ A few seconds thought, and then – the tingle in the mind.”

4hr bath club feat: jonquils and beeswax candles.

4hr bath club feat: jonquils and beeswax candles.

I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

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Norman Timbs Special, 1947. USA. Attributed to Emil Diedt, fabricator. Courtesy of Gary and Diane Cerveny, Malibu, California. Mechanical engineer Timbs created this car for his personal use.

Exhibition Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas High Museum of Art, Atlanta until Sept 7, 2014.