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The Guilt Lily

Ella Jean about passive-aggressive flowers. Unintentional Pun Genius. 

Sketches (by Glen Keane) and final animation

The only major difference I notice is that the animated version has a (somewhat) more believable waistline- that looks like a woman’s body might look, rather than the Barbie-proportioned sketches… And that makes me hugely happy and super sad all at the same time.

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A very unusual genetic color variation in white-tailed deer — rarer even than albinism — produces all-black offspring in that species which are known as “melanistic” or “melanic” deer.

"Maybe they’re load-bearing cats" 2:37am musings from Grace about the structural integrity and high concentration of cats in our block


celebrity crushes ~ melissa fumero
” I think comedy is so specific, so hard. I’d audition for comedies and think, ‘I can’t pull this off.’ ”